About My Work

        Every day I make the commute forty feet through our backyard to my studio, a small garage my Dad and I tore down and rebuilt. I shut myself in, and build animal sculptures. Sculptures out of paper to hang from the ceiling. Sculptures carved from wood for a traditional, solid feel. Sculptures built out of clay to take to the foundry and turn into bronze for permanent installation outdoors.

        I’ve always been fascinated by animals. I enjoy studying them, the challenge of attempting to rebuild them in front of me, and the ideas that occur when I share these sculptures with others. I strive for something akin to anatomical accuracy, but allow subtle distortions, evocative positions or whimsical situations that are unnatural.

        My ideas spring from half remembered dreams, sketchbook doodles, and conversations with friends. I build sculptures because I want to see them, but I also enjoy building them for other people.


Where to see it

My Artwork is currently on display at Timo Gallery, on the first floor of the Marshall building in Milwaukee’s Third Ward:

207 E Buffalo St # 110, Milwaukee, WI 53202  

  (414) 223-3121